The Best Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas for Your Garden

The Best Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas for Your Garden

Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas – It is well acknowledged that wheelie bins do not make the most visually appealing addition to the front or back yard. Of course, they are an essential component of any home, but when you are putting together a beautiful front and back yard, why not go the extra mile and keep your bins in a storage unit as well?

Rolling wheelie bin storage cabinets are particularly intended to tuck your recycling bins away neatly and securely, and there are a wide variety of stylish solutions available. The greatest one, two, and three-component bin storage to fit all kinds and sizes of families has been compiled in this article. Whether you choose wood-style storage or something more contemporary, such as a rattan design,

Aside from that, there are other storage units that may perform several functions, such as log storage or a convenient shed area for keeping gardening equipment when you need to do some weeding in the backyard. Then keep reading to find out about our favorite wheelie bin storage ideas that are both easy and affordable. We also have a list of the top budget wheelie bin storage ideas that you can find.

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6 Best Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas

Rowlinson Wheelie bin storage ideas

Rowlinson Double Bin Storage in Natural Timber

Rowlinson Bin Stores are a terrific way to conceal your unsightly wheelie bins while still maintaining their functionality. The pressure treatment ensures that all of the units will endure for many years. Because of the color of the wood, you may also paint the storage units to match the rest of your garden design, resulting in storage units that are seamless in their integration. You can choose from a variety of sizes that can hold one, two, or three standard-sized wheelie bins.

Arber garden storage Wheelie bin storage ideas

Arbor Garden Solutions with Triple Bin Storage

In the event that you have a large family and several storage containers, this triple bin storage unit is an excellent solution. There is no need to secure it to the ground or set it against a wall since the storage container is freestanding. Because of this, you may put it anywhere you like.

Keter Midi store Wheelie bin storage ideas

Keter Midi Store It Out Pro

When looking for a storage box that can be used for a variety of tasks, this is the one to choose. Bins, furniture, tools, and other equipment are all easily accommodated in this unit. The unit also has two doors that open wide for convenient access, as well as dry and ventilated storage space. According to the manufacturer, the all-purpose box is both robust and weather-resistant, so there is no need to bother about covering it during inclement weather conditions. Simple to clean, the box’s covering is fade-resistant, so it will remain looking new all year. For further security, it is constructed with a heavy-duty floor and has elements that can be locked down.

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vidaXL Double Wheelie bin storage ideas

Double Wheelie Bin Shed vidaXL

The Poly Rattan Storage Unit is a stylish and functional storage solution that will blend seamlessly into any contemporary garden setting. You’ll love this storage shed if you don’t like the look of wood or plastic storage shelters. A locking mechanism and two independently opening doors allow you to have simple access to the contents of this cabinet without opening the whole thing. The door has enough space for two wheelie bins, which makes it a good choice for medium-sized families who need a lot of space.

Ketchum Wooden Double Wheelie bin storage ideas

Ketchum Wooden Double Bin Storage

Utilize this light-colored wood storage box to conceal your containers. In addition to holding two wheelie bins, the elegant, minimalistic design will blend in with the rest of your yard. Because the storage box is simple to put up, you’ll have a more attractive front or back yard in no time.

Bellus Double Wheelie bin storage ideas

Bellus Double Wheelie Bin and Recycling Box Store

In order to provide your neighbors with something to be jealous of, this functional storage box will keep your bins looking neat and clean all year long. Only the highest quality British wood and ethically sourced lumber are used in the construction of these units, which are pressure treated to guarantee that they will survive for many years to come. Using the greater size and handy shelves, you may store smaller recycle bins or logs, gardening equipment, or other landscaping bits and pieces in your yard.

DIY Wheelie bin storage ideas

DIY Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas for Garden

For those who want to purchase wheelie bin storage, it is common for them to be delivered in pieces that you must put together yourself. If you are up to the task and have the appropriate skills, building it yourself is the quickest and most affordable option.

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You will be provided with a guidebook that will teach you how to construct your storage container. However, if you want more explanation, you should speak with the manufacturer over the telephone. To begin with, it is important to remember that most units will need the use of a screwdriver to assemble the components, and electric screwdrivers are often the most effective.