Wall Basket Hanger Plants, Is it Good or Bad?

Wall Basket Hanger Plants, Is it Good or Bad?

Wall Basket Hanger Plants – If you don’t have much – or any – backyard garden space, consider hanging baskets. These are suitable for a small patio container garden or perhaps a fire escape. And those aren’t the only benefits of using a hanging basket. Planting in hanging baskets, however, is not appropriate for every crop or every location. Furthermore, some gardeners perceive a variety of disadvantages to using hanging baskets. Continue reading for information on the benefits and drawbacks of hanging baskets so you can make an educated choice.

Wall Basket Hanger Plants Benefits

Why Should You Use Wall basket hanger?


The issue isn’t so much why utilize hanging baskets as it is why not? There are numerous advantages to adding hanging plants to your home and yard, apart from enabling you to appreciate plants that you may not be able to enjoy otherwise due to a lack of room. Here are a few additional benefits of hanging baskets for gardeners to consider:

There are no bothersome pests. When you use hanging pots to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, you create a little planting area apart from the rest of your garden. This enables you to spend more time appreciating your work and less time dealing with plant issues. Your garden soil, for example, may be full of nasty surprises. Bugs, slugs, and snails are just a few of the pests that may be found on the ground. All of these dangers may be avoided by using hanging baskets. Crawling insects and pests are generally unable to jump to the location where a basket is hung. Larger animals that eat your plants, such as rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and even deer, will not have easy access either.

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Wall Basket Hanger Plants Cons

There are less soil issues. Keeping your flowers and vegetables in suspended pots is also a fast and simple way to solve soil issues. Other than pests, as anybody who has grown an in-ground garden knows, soil may have a variety of problems. Fruits, flowers, and vegetables need well-draining soil that contains some organic matter. But not every garden dirt looks like this. The soil may be poor, rocky, excessively sandy, very acidic or alkaline, or mostly clay with inadequate drainage. Yes, with time and effort, you can change your garden bed, but you may not have the time or know how right now. One of the many benefits of hanging baskets is that you can purchase a bag of organic potting soil and have your little planting area ready for vegetables in minutes.

Wall Basket Hanger Plants Decoration

Simple access. Another advantage of hanging baskets is the simplicity with which you can care for plants that agree with you. There will be no more crawling on your knees to plant, thin, or weed. Weeds are rare in compact container plants, but those that do emerge may be easily pulled away as you stand close. Deadheading flowers in a hanging container is a simple task. Strawberries are easy to harvest if you grow them. This makes hanging baskets ideal for youngsters and the elderly, who aren’t as mobile as they once were. Furthermore, when the seasons change, you may shift the basket into or out of the sun.

Wall Basket Hanger Plants Drawbacks

Disadvantages of Wall Basket Hanger

Hanging baskets are just as appealing to me as they are to everyone else. When I drive by a garden store, I’m always tempted to pull over and buy one of the inviting hanging baskets. They are sheer visual pleasure, brimming with vibrant flowers and luxuriant foliage. I then perform a reality check and realize that it will be impossible (at least for me) to sustain that magnificence throughout the whole of the growing season, so I take one more mournful glance and continue driving. When you’re attempting to justify a hanging basket purchase, do what I do and consider the arguments against hanging baskets mentioned below.

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Wall Basket Hanger Plants

Too much upkeep is required. Plants in hanging baskets need more care than plants in the ground. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of hanging baskets. Many of us have a habit of leaving hanging baskets…well…hung! Hanging baskets are not a “set it and forget it” kind of item. They dry out quickly and need regular watering. They must also be fertilized on a regular basis since they will rapidly deplete the nutrients in the planting mix in the basket. Deadheading is another job that should be done on a regular basis to keep the blooms alive and healthy. If these activities are ignored, a hanging basket will degrade quickly and become an eyesore. And, when a basket begins to deteriorate, we feel terrible, take it down, and conceal the embarrassing reminder. That is, after all, what I do!

Wall Basket Hanger Plants Ideas

Vacation supervision. While a plant sitter is usually an excellent idea for both indoor and outdoor garden plants in a prolonged absence, it is especially essential for hanging baskets due to their greater care. This greater degree of maintenance raises the possibility that you will not return to happy plants in your hanging baskets since, let’s face it, your plants will not get the same amount of attention and care that you did. So, if you travel often, you should consider hanging basket disadvantages like this.

Damage caused by water. This is something I never considered until I was reading through several container gardening forums. If you water your porch hanging baskets, you may have seen water leaking through the drainage holes onto your porch. Many people are unaware that dripping water may cause wood rot. While there are solutions on the market for this kind of problem, or you could MacGyver something, the simplest answer would be to pull down your plants and water them from the porch, but it is not very handy. Regardless of your strategy, you’re either paying more money for a solution or being inconvenienced many times a week by pulling down and re-hanging hanging baskets.

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Wall Basket Hanger Plants Pros

Storms and high winds are a risk. Plant leaves, branches, and stems may be damaged if they are thrashed against the chains of your hanging basket during a storm or high winds. Furthermore, if the wind is strong enough, it may whip your hanging basket so hard that it falls to the ground. The obvious answer is to bring your hanging basket inside during storms, but storms often catch us off guard, and we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

How Do the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hanging Baskets Compare?

Hanging baskets provide visual interest to any area, including your porch, exterior walls, and fence posts. What may not be attractive is the high degree of care required to maintain them in peak condition. If you are willing to accept the potential disadvantages of growing your plants in hanging pots, this is a wonderful alternative for plant enthusiasts, particularly those with little to no room for a traditional garden.

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