20+ Purple Tomato Varieties You should Try to Grow

20+ Purple Tomato Varieties You should Try to Grow

Purple Tomato Varieties – Every day, we should be consuming meals that have a variety of colors. Did you know that foods of various colors include a variety of nutritional benefits?

The more colors of food you eat, the more nutrients you will get from your food because of your eating habits.

Begin cultivating purple tomatoes to supplement our meals with additional vitamins and minerals. Purple foods are recognized for containing high levels of anthocyanin, which is supposed to improve one’s mood. All of this is beneficial to your mental health.

You’ve arrived at the perfect location if you’re looking to add some color to your landscape and diet. I’ve collected a list of tomato cultivars that produce fruits that are various hues of purple.

Some suggestions for cultivating purple tomatoes in your garden are as follows:

1. Brad’s Black Heart Varieties

Brad’s Black Heart is a tomato plant that grows to an indeterminate size. This indicates that it will continue to produce till the conclusion of the season. This kind of tomato yields fruits that are twelve ounces in size. They are not, however, a solid shade of purple.

A combination of pink and black is used instead, giving them a purple tint. The fruit of this plant is heart-shaped, as suggested by its name. It takes roughly eighty days for these plants to reach their full potential.

2. Black Beauty Varieties

Are you a fan of the heirloom tomato varieties that have been passed down through generations? This might be the purple variant that you’re looking for. Black Beauty is an heirloom tomato that matures to a deep purple color and produces a large amount of fruit.

This sort of tomato is the darkest form of tomato that is currently available. Expect these tomato plants to grow to be three feet tall and yield fruit that ranges in size from three to six ounces in weight.

What are best Purple Tomato Varieties

3. Purple Boy Tomato

Purple Boy is another tomato cultivar that matures indeterminately. In this option, the color purple seems a bit deeper and more intense.

It is well-known that these tomatoes are durable as well as disease-resistant. Approximately seven ounces of fruit are produced by this plant, and it takes approximately eighty days for the plant to reach full maturity.

4. Purple Russian Varieties

Purple Russian is a kind of heirloom tomato that originated in the Ukrainian region of the world. It’s an indeterminate cultivar that produces tomatoes that are elongated in shape.

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The fruits are usually three inches in length and weigh around six ounces each. It takes around eighty days for this kind of tomato to reach maturity.

5. Rosella Varieties

The rosella tomato is a miniature type that grows indeterminately. This plant produces medium-sized tomatoes with a weight of around six ounces each.

The Rosella tomato plants will be ready for harvest in around seventy-five days, according to the USDA. If you want a tomato plant that grows smaller but produces bigger fruit, this may be the type for you.

Purple Tomato Varieties

6. Cherokee Purple Tomato Varieties

Cherokee Purple is another purple tomato varieties that grows indeterminately. The tomatoes have a purple skin and a pink, meaty inside, with a purple tinge to the outside.

You may appreciate this variety if you want a typical, round tomato with a different color than what you’re used to. Cherokee purple tomatoes weigh around ten ounces apiece, and the plant should be ready to harvest in ninety days if cared for properly.

7. Chef’s Choice Black Tomato Varieties

Chef’s Choice black tomatoes are a deeper purple type with a more intense flavor. Tomatoes of the beefsteak kind are available, and they make another excellent choice for sandwiches or burgers.

It takes around seventy-five days for this plant to reach maturity. At the time of harvest, the weight of these tomatoes is roughly eight ounces.

8. Black Krim Varieties

Black Krim is a tomato variety that has a deeper purple color. They are indeterminate and attain maturity in around eighty days after being planted.

On the other hand, this is a bigger kind of tomato. The largest of these tomatoes normally weighs sixteen ounces. If you’re looking for a deep purple sandwich tomato, this may be the type for you.

Purple Tomato Varieties to grow indoor

9. Chocolate Cherry Varieties

Do you like cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes? Do you want them to be a deep purple hue or something else? Then this selection is perfect for you.

The chocolate cherry tomato is an indeterminate type that bears fruit around seventy days after being planted. The tomatoes this plant makes are always round, grow in groups of eight, and have a diameter of just an inch and a half.

10. Black Cherry Varieties

Black cherry tomatoes have a similar appearance to the chocolate cherry tomatoes that we described earlier. On the other hand, they are a bit bigger in size than the chocolate cherry tomatoes.

Another indeterminate variety, these tomatoes are delicious. They grow fruits that are around an inch and a half in diameter and take approximately seventy days to mature before being harvested.

Purple Tomato Varieties to grow in pots

11. Evan’s Purple Pear Varieties

Evan’s purple pear is a tomato that is a little smaller. The fruit of this plant is shaped like a pear, as suggested by its name. The tomatoes’ skins are similarly a deep purple color on the outside.

These plants are indeterminate, yield three-ounce fruits, and are ready to harvest after eighty days of cultivation. If you’ve been looking for a tomato variety with a distinct color and form, this may be the one you’ve been looking for all along.

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12. Paul Robeson Tomato Varieties

Paul Robeson tomatoes are a kind of plant that grows indeterminately. There is a good chance that this variety will be able to produce for a long time and spread all over the place.

You should make certain that you have the space and resources available to properly care for this sort of tomato. This plant produces tomatoes that are a deep burgundy red in color, and the fruits develop to reach around ten ounces in weight. If grown properly, Paul Robeson tomatoes should be ready to harvest in seventy-five days.

Good Purple Tomato Varieties

13. The Wine Jug Varieties

Another interesting kind of purple tomato is the wine jug. It is said that the fruits of these plants are fashioned like little wine bottles. In addition, they have a deep purple color to them.

If you’re thinking of cultivating your own wine jug tomatoes, make sure your plans coincide with your available growing area. Despite the fact that it is an indeterminate plant, it may bear fruit as big as nine ounces and mature in as little as eighty days.

14. Dwarf Purple Heart Varieties

Do you have limited space and want a tomato plant that is compact in size? The dwarf purple heart may be just what you’re looking for.

This plant produces tomatoes that are bigger, maroon in color, and heart-shaped. The fruits will range in size from six to sixteen ounces in weight. Approximately seventy-five days should be required for the plant to attain maturity.

Cherokee Purple Tomato Varieties

15. Prunus nigra (Black Zebra Cherry)

Anything with the word “black zebra” in the title is certain to be entertaining. The tomatoes in question are no exception. This tomato is a petite cherry cultivar with a sweet flavor. The plant, on the other hand, produces deep purple tomatoes with zebra stripes that are crimson in color.

This tomato cultivar is indeterminate, meaning that it takes around seventy-five days to reach maturity. The fruit has a diameter of between four and five centimeters on average.

16. Sunshine Blue Varieties

Some people may find the name of this tomato puzzling. This plant will not produce vivid blue tomatoes, so don’t hold your breath for them. Instead, be ready to see vivid purple tomatoes on the vine.

This is the first of our determinate varieties on the list to be introduced. Sunshine blue tomatoes are often smaller in size. They normally grow to be around two inches in diameter, and it might take up to one hundred days for the plant to achieve its full potential.

Best Purple Tomato Varieties

17. Purple Calabash Varieties

The purple calabash tomato is a beefsteak type tomato with a darker stem that is similar to the beefsteak. The further you go down the stem, the more the vibrant colors begin to fade. Despite the fact that this tomato variety is indeterminate, it yields fruit that may be as big as three inches in diameter.

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This plant, on the other hand, may take up to eighty days or more to achieve maturity. These tomatoes are quite stunning, so perhaps you’ll agree that the wait was well worth it.

18. Purple Reign Varieties

Purple Reign tomatoes are bigger tomatoes that have a red base color with purple accents that run through the skin of the tomato. This is another determinate type that only grows to reach around three feet tall at its maximum height.

The fruit is comparable in appearance to a beefsteak tomato and weighs around twelve ounces on average. In seventy to eighty days, you should be able to harvest the fruit from the plant.

Best Purple Tomato Varieties to grow in containers

19. The Purple Bumble Bee

The purple bumble bee tomato type is a smaller tomato variety that produces spherical tomatoes with a rich crimson tint and green stripes on the outside and a white inside.

This is an indeterminate cultivar that produces vines that are more than a meter in length. When the fruits have grown to an inch and a half in diameter, they will dangle from the vines and be ready for harvesting at that point. Approximately seventy days should be required for the plant to achieve maturity.

20. Marizol Purple Tomato Varieties

This kind of tomato produces spherical fruits that are pink in color with a tint of purple on the edges. They’re also well-known for being a little sweeter in taste. At the time of harvest, the fruits might weigh anything from eight ounces to two pounds.

Marizol Purple is an indeterminate tomato cultivar that may take up to eighty days to reach maturity, depending on the climate. You should choose this variety if you are looking for a bigger sandwich tomato that has a sweet taste.

21. Indigo Ruby Varieties

If you’re searching for a tomato that stands out from the crowd, this one is well worth your time. The tomato’s skin has a rich purple color on the exterior. When you cut into it, though, you’ll find that the interior is filled with crimson meat.

Indigo ruby is a determinate type that yields two-ounce fruits that are grouped together in groups of 6. This plant will be fully mature in seventy-five days if left to grow.

22 Types of Purple Tomatoes You Should Try Growing

22. Owen’s Purple Tomato Varieties

Owen’s Purple is a gorgeous round tomato with a light purple skin that is perfect for slicing. It’s another cultivar that’s noted for having a sweeter taste.

This tomato is an indeterminate variety, which means it may take up to seventy-five days to mature. Tomatoes grow in clusters and may weigh anywhere from six to sixteen ounces, depending on the variety.

When it comes to adding colorful food to your garden, you now have a few alternatives to choose from. Decide whether to plant a determinate or an indeterminate variety based on how much space you have.

However, you should take into account the size and taste of the fruit you’re interested in purchasing. Make use of these suggestions to discover your new favorite purple tomato varieties.