Pittosporum Silver Sheen Plant Care and Growing Tips

Pittosporum Silver Sheen Plant Care and Growing Tips

Pittosporum Silver Sheen (Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Silver Sheen’) is a shrub that is endemic to New Zealand and has black stems and glossy, light-green leaves. It is also known as the Pittosporum silver sheen plant. Boething Treeland Farms recommends growing Silver Sheen as a hedge or screen in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 11 so that you may appreciate the shimmering leaves of the plant.

How and Where to Plant Pittosporum Silver Sheen

Growing Tips for Pittosporum silver sheen

Choose a site that receives full sun to partial shade. In hotter areas, it is particularly vital to have afternoon shade. The bushes are adaptable to a variety of temperatures and coastal environments. If the soil drains effectively, Silver Sheen will thrive in a wide range of soil conditions, even heavy clay. Plants like soil that is neutral to acidic in pH. Preparing the soil with a garden fork and mixing in 1 to 2 inches of organic material, according to the University of Maryland Extension, can help it become more fertile.

Pittosporum silver sheen may be grown from seed or purchased as a young plant that can be transplanted into your yard. If you want to start the shrub from seed, you should plant the seeds after the final frost of the season has passed. If you’re planting a shrub from a nursery, be sure to dig the hole as deep as the root ball of the shrub. Spread the roots out in the hole, cover them with dirt, and gently firm the earth around the root ball. Repeat this process for the remaining roots.

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Pittosporum silver sheen from Seeds

According to Dave’s Garden, you should space your bushes 12 to 15 feet apart. According to San Marcos Growers, Silver Sheen may grow to a height of 16 feet or more with a spread of 6 to 8 feet wide, requiring a large amount of space to thrive. When you plant the bushes closer together, you may use Silver Sheen as a privacy screen as well. As a general rule, Hopes Grove Nurseries suggests planting three or four plants every meter, which is 3.2 feet. If you decide to use these shrubs as a hedge, you will need to trim them on a regular basis in order to keep their form and growth under control.

How to Take Care of Your Pittosporum Silver Sheen

Keep the area clear of weeds, particularly if the shrubs are still in their early stages. According to the University of Maryland Extension, fertilizer is not necessary for freshly planted shrubs; nevertheless, Hopes Grove Nurseries recommended that newly planted shrubs be fed with bone meal after they have been planted. Water the plants on a regular basis to keep the soil wet, but be careful not to over-water or allow water to pool around the roots of the plants. Leaf spot and powdery mildew are two diseases that may harm plants, particularly under moist environments.

In colder or windier climates, shrubs benefit from the protection provided by a south- or west-facing wall. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends covering the roots of your plants with a thick layer of mulch in the winter to help protect them from the cold.

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Propagating Pittosporum silver sheen

For the most part, the Silver Sheen plant only needs minimal trimming in the spring and summer. Simply check the plant and prune away any branches that are dead, damaged, or sick. For hedges, more vigorous trimming is necessary, as is the case with other types of plants. Royal Horticultural Society suggests trimming hedges once or twice each year in the spring or summer, depending on your climate. Cut the bushes back to the appropriate size and form, and remove any stray branches or shoots that may have appeared.

Tips and Considerations for Growing the Silver Sheen plant

Powdery mildew and other fungal, bacterial, and viral illnesses may spread quickly across a garden, so disinfect your gardening equipment before planting or trimming your shrubs to prevent them from spreading. This helps to guarantee that any infections on your equipment do not get transferred to the bushes or the soil around them.

Planting Pittosporum silver sheen

The University of Florida IFAS Gardening Solutions recommends that you first take off any dirt and debris from your instruments before wiping them down with Lysol or another common home disinfectant to disinfect them. If you want, you may soak the equipment for 30 minutes in a solution made up of one part bleach to nine parts water instead. Bleach has corrosive properties, so be sure to properly rinse your instruments after using this procedure.

When dealing with your Silver Sheen plant, be sure to wear protective gloves and use care. According to Dave’s Garden, the plant is hazardous if consumed, and touching the plant may cause skin irritation and discomfort. The bushes produce tiny, fragrant burgundy blooms in late spring and early summer, which are borne on long stems. It is possible that some people may have an allergic reaction to the pollen.

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