Old Baskets for Plants: Some Creative Ideas

Old Baskets for Plants: Some Creative Ideas

Old Baskets for Plants – Do you have a collection of gorgeous baskets that are just taking up valuable storage space or gathering dust in your home? You’d want to put those baskets to good use, right? Planting your favorite plants in antique baskets is a pretty and economical way to display your collection of plants.

The process of using baskets as containers isn’t difficult, but the baskets do need a little preparation before they can be filled with plants. In the next article, you will find detailed instructions and a list of the best plants to use in your basket.

Using Old baskets for Plants

Easy Ways to Apply Baskets for Plants

Almost any kind of basket will suffice. Baskets that are solid and substantial, on the other hand, will survive longer. It is possible that you may want to add a coat or two of clear protective spray or wood sealer to the basket, which will also help it endure longer. Make certain that the coating has completely dried before planting.

If the basket is really securely woven, you may be able to proceed with planting right away. The majority of baskets, on the other hand, need some form of liner to keep moisture in and dirt from escaping.

Plastic may be used as a liner for old baskets when planting in them. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to obtain a ready-made plastic liner, or you may be able to line the basket with a plastic garbage bag. To fix the edges, use a glue gun to adhere them together. Be careful to cut a few slots in the plastic to allow for the drainage of excess water.

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How to use Old baskets for Plants

One further nice choice is sphagnum moss, which may be used in either prefabricated baskets or as loose moss that can be put around the inside of a basket’s interior.

A burlap liner may be used to give the basket a more rustic appearance. For a more natural look, you can allow the burlap to naturally hang over the rim of the basket. Paper coffee filters are an excellent choice for little baskets.

If you have a handful of plastic shipping peanuts or crushed bark in the bottom of your basket (which is not required), it will help the water drain better.

Ideas of using Old baskets for Plants

How to Use Old Baskets for Plants

Fill the basket approximately two-thirds of the way with excellent quality, lightweight potting soil before adding your plants. Avoid using heavy potting mixes and never use garden soil, as they will quickly get compacted to the point where plants will be unable to live.

Let the good times roll! Your discarded basket is now ready to be filled with your favorite flowers and plants. Although it is feasible to plant perennials in ancient baskets, most people choose to use annuals that are changed every year in the springtime instead. This allows you to carry your old basket inside for the winter, extending its usefulness.

What are the finest plants to use in hanging baskets? The following are some suggestions to get you started:

Succulents – Once established, succulents need very little attention or maintenance. Succulent plants of almost any sort, including hens and chicks and different species of sedum, will function well in this situation.

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Spices and herbs – Fill an old basket with a few sprigs of rosemary and set it near your kitchen entrance. Herbs such as chives, mint, thyme, and basil thrive in pots, as do many others.

Annual Plants – An annual arrangement in an old basket with a focal point, often called a thriller, looks fantastic. Any tall, eye-catching plant, such as upright geraniums or dracaena, would perform nicely in this arrangement. Fill in the gaps between the thriller and the filler—a mounding plant such as petunias or pansies. Begonias or impatiens are excellent fillers for antique baskets that are placed in a shaded location. Finally, plant a few spillers around the edges of the container, such as ivy geraniums, bacopa, or sweet potato vine, so that they may spill over the sides of the container.

Old baskets for Plants ideas

Using baskets as containers for your favorite plants is a beautiful way to display them. They also make very thoughtful presents. You should treat plants in baskets in the same way you would treat plants in any other kind of container.