How to Make a Terrarium Coffee Table (with Pictures)

How to Make a Terrarium Coffee Table (with Pictures)

Terrarium coffee table ideas – Have you ever tried putting plants on a coffee table to see how they grow? Making a terrarium table out of glass and filling it with vibrant and durable succulents is a great way to spark discussion.

A succulent coffee table also gives the advantages of indoor plants without the clutter of falling leaves and split soil that might result from traditional indoor plants. You may learn how to create a terrarium table for your interior living area if this seems interesting to you!

Where to buy Terrarium Coffee Table

Terrarium Coffee Table Made from Scratch

It is necessary to purchase or construct a terrarium table before you can start working on your succulent coffee table. You may buy a terrarium coffee table online, or you can follow thorough instructions to create your own DIY coffee table terrarium from scratch. However, some carpentry and woodworking abilities are required for the latter.

What is Terrarium Coffee Table

If you’re artistic, you could also turn a yard sale find into a stunning succulent coffee table with a little creativity. You may be considering how to build a terrarium table from scratch or how to refurbish an existing glass-topped table. Here are some essential elements to incorporate into your design:

Waterproof containers: These plastic boxes, which are constructed from sheet acrylic and put together with adhesive, retain the growing material and prevent water loss.

Terrarium Coffee Table Types

With a removable cover, you can easily reach the succulents within the waterproof box, which is essential for their proper maintenance. The whole tabletop may be hinged, the acrylic top could be sunken with finger holes, or it could slide in and out of the table following routed grooves, among other options.

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In order to avoid excessive humidity, leave a space between the sides and top of the acrylic box, or drill numerous small holes towards the top of the box to allow for air circulation.

Terrarium Coffee Table ideas

Tips for Making a Terrarium Coffee Table

When it comes to growing plants on a coffee table, succulents and cacti are wonderful alternatives. They need less water and, for the most part, develop at a slower pace than other plants. To produce the optimal growth medium for these low-maintenance plants, use a cactus potting soil mix or add gravel, potting soil, and activated charcoal in a waterproof box to make a perfect growing medium.

Terrarium Coffee Table DIY project

Cactus leaf textures, hues, and forms are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Make a fascinating geometric arrangement out of these variants, or use miniatures to create a fairy garden display for a whimsical touch. Here are a few genera of succulents to take into consideration:

Echinocactus and Ferocactus: These two genera of barrel cacti may grow to be fairly big in the wild, but because of their sluggish growth rate, they make ideal terrarium plants. Echinocactus and ferocactus species are widely accessible and feature huge spines, with the number and appearance of their ribs varying from species to species.

Echeveria: These lovely rosette-shaped succulents come in a variety of pastel hues and are available in a variety of sizes. “Doris Taylor” and “Neon Breakers” are two Echeveria types that are suitable for use as coffee table plants since they are smaller in size.

Making your own Terrarium Coffee Table

Sempervivum: Hens and chicks, or houseleeks, as they are frequently referred to, are a rosette-shaped plant that spreads easily by offset shoots from the main stem. Sempervivum are shallow-rooted succulents that will survive on a shorter glass terrarium table with a shallower depth of planting. They are seldom wider than four inches (10 centimeters) in breadth.

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Lithops: Literally translated as “alive stones,” lithops are succulents that provide the impression of pebbly stones on the coffee table. Create a fairy garden coffee table display with them, or use a range of colors and textures to highlight this genus of succulents.

Haworthia: A coffee table terrarium should have at least one haworthia plant. Haworthias are distinguished by their spike-shaped, white-striped leaves, which make them stand out among the other plants. When fully mature, several kinds barely reach heights of 3 to 5 inches (7.6–13 cm).