How to Keep Rabbits away from Plants in Your Garden?

How to keep rabbits away from plants in the gardens has been a source of consternation for gardeners since the very first seed was planted on the earth. Despite the fact that some people believe rabbits are adorable and cuddly, any gardener who has dealt with a rabbit infestation knows that they are everything but. Keeping rabbits out of a garden is a difficult task, but it is not impossible.

Keep rabbits away from plants is it harmful

The image that many people have in mind when they hear the word “rabbit” is that of a soft, fluffy, and adorably cute bunny. Rabbits, on the other hand, are a destructive and bothersome pest that chews up the landscape and causes costly harm to individuals who like gardening.

Almost every cultivated food crop may be eaten by rabbits, and they can also cause harm to other plants in the landscape as well as household items if they get their hands on them. The majority of this damage is the consequence of gnawing.

Why we need to Keep rabbits away from plants

Trees and bushes, especially young ones with smooth bark and sensitive buds, are popular chewing targets for rabbits. If huge amounts of bark or important branches are destroyed, this might result in considerable harm to the environment.

In addition, as anybody who has had a pet rabbit in the house knows, rabbits will munch on practically everything they come across, including furniture, shoes, clothes, and electrical wires, to keep them happy and entertained.

Advice on How to Keep Rabbits away from Plants

Seeing a rabbit trot around a garden munching on vegetables is an endearing sight… unless, of course, that garden is your garden, and that carrot is one that you planted yourself. Gardeners are unfortunate in that rabbits have an affinity for many of the plants we grow in our gardens, including many vegetables and even some of our non-edible plants.

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Ways to Keep rabbits away from plants

When dealing with a rabbit infestation in your yard, the most important thing to remember is to get started as soon as possible before the rabbits decide that your outdoor area is a fantastic spot to hang out. The following are some non-toxic, humane methods of keeping rabbits away from your garden’s plants (in no particular order).

To keep rabbits out of your garden, you might try any of the following methods:

Rabbits are not fond of the smell.

One simple method of maintaining rabbit control in gardens is to include items in your garden that the rabbits will not like the scent of. If you want to keep rabbits out of your garden, try spraying dried blood around the area. Alternatively, you may sprinkle some coyote, fox, or wolf urine around the border of your garden to deter predators. Using the hair from these same animals for rabbit control in gardens is a good idea as well.

Dried blood, animal hair, and animal urine may all be found at your local garden shop or farm supply store. You may even try teaching your dog to pee near (but not in) your vegetable and flower beds in order to aid in keeping rabbits out of your garden altogether. The scent of blood or urine will alert the rabbit that it is in a hazardous environment and that it should avoid it at all costs.

How to Keep rabbits away from plants

Garden fences for rabbits are available.

A rabbit fence for gardens may also be used to keep rabbits out of the garden while it is not in use. The fence does not need to be very high, just 2 to 3 feet (61-91 cm) in height, but it should be buried at least 6 inches (15 cm) under the surface of the ground since rabbits are excellent diggers.

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The quickest and most straightforward method of adding a rabbit-proof fence to a garden is to dig a trench around the bed, put the fence in the trench, and then backfill the trench with soil. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a rabbit fence for your garden. You may use inexpensive chicken wire to keep rabbits out of your garden, and it will do the job just as well as anything else.

Keep rabbits away from plants

Rabbit traps are a kind of trap that is used to catch rabbits.

There are two sorts of rabbit traps that may be used in gardens to keep rabbits under control. One is a compassionate trap, while the other is a trap that is designed to kill rabbits. Which one you choose is largely dependent on your personality and how much you despise bunnies. Humane traps are often built to appear like cages and are intended to entice the rabbit into the trap and hold it there until someone arrives to re-home it.

When it comes to traps that kill, they are often intended to kill the rabbit swiftly and with little discomfort. These don’t strictly keep rabbits out of the yard, but they do assure that they will not return there in the future.

Keep rabbits away from plants in the gardens

Plant cages are a kind of enclosure for plants.

You may also construct plant cages out of chicken wire to protect plants that rabbits are especially fond of eating. Rabbits like eating lettuce, peas, beans, and other tender-leaved vegetables, as well as other types of plants. Create rabbit-proof cages to keep the rabbits away. The advantage of this technique is that it will also prevent other pests, such as deer, if used properly.

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Despite the fact that rabbits are challenging garden pests to deal with, if you discover how to keep rabbits out of gardens, they may revert to being the adorable, fluffy bunnies that everyone else enjoys seeing in their gardens.

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