Indoor Plant Trellis: Creative Way to Treat Your Houseplant

Indoor Plant Trellis: Creative Way to Treat Your Houseplant

Indoor Plant Trellis – If you want to convert a hanging plant into one that grows on an indoor trellis, there are a few different methods that you may use to keep vines more neatly contained in your space. Tee pees, ladder-style trellises, and powder coated racks that may be inserted into your pot are just a few of the many kinds of trellises you can construct.

Indoor Plant Trellis Ideas

You’re probably just as particular about your indoor plant accessories, such as vine trellises and pots, as you are about your plants themselves.

What about the climber plants themselves? Do they seem healthy? Do they seem sluggish and stretched despite the fact that they get enough water and light?

small trellis for indoor plants

While I have a few odd plant preferences that may or may not be based in aesthetics, I want them to look nice in their planters and grow as big and huge as possible, and here’s a news flash: unattractive plastic pots and trellises do not make the cut for my aesthetic standards.

Despite the fact that my plants are the living component of my home decor and are among my favorite design elements in many ways, they must add to the overall beauty of the space rather than just seem like a bunch of plastic-y pots crammed together under a large window. We’ll pretend for the time being that’s not exactly what’s going on in my kitchen (but it sort of is, to be honest.)

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modern indoor plant trellis

Even the smallest things, such as the support or trellis I use to support a vine or climbing plant, are significant. Plastic is out, and I’m not a fan of the blue-green chemically treated bamboo sticks that have been used as a substitute. Furthermore, if you go through this whole article, you’ll discover that trellis supports are essential for ensuring that your climber plants develop to their greatest and largest potential.

So let’s get started with learning how to construct visually appealing supports for your favorite climbing and vine plants, as well as why this is necessary for optimal development.

indoor plant trellis ideas diy

Houseplant Trellis: Different Types of Indoor Plant Trellis

A fun and innovative method to cultivate and show your houseplants, trellising may be a great addition to your home. Let’s have a look at a few distinct kinds.

mini trellis for potted plants

Trellis made with Tee Pee

You can create a tee pee for your indoor potted plants by securing them with bamboo stakes. Simply take bamboo stakes and trim them so that they are about double the height of your planter’s container. Even if you want to go larger, remember that unless your pot is very hefty, it will soon become top-heavy and will likely topple over if not supported properly.

Make a full fill of your pot with dirt, then water it well and push the soil down slightly. Placing the bamboo stakes around the pot’s edge in an even circle and angling each one so that the end that does not go inside is roughly above the center is the goal.

Tie a piece of thread around the top of the bamboo stakes. Make sure to wrap the thread around itself many times to ensure that it is completely secure.

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indoor trellis for climbing plant

Last but not least, place your houseplant in the container. As the vines develop, attach them to the trellis in a loose manner. You may also use a trellis to support a plant that is already growing in a container, but bear in mind that you may be harming the roots of the plant if you do so.

indoor house plant trellis

Trellis with Ladders

Bamboo poles or even branches collected from the outside may be used to construct a ladder houseplant trellis for your plants. You’ll need two longer pieces of stakes or branches that are between 1 and 3 feet in length for this project (approximately 30-91 cm.). Those two pieces of wood will serve as the vertical stakes for your ladder. Again, you don’t want it to be too large; otherwise, your plant may become unstable and topple over.

diy trellis for potted plants

Decide how far apart the two vertical pieces will be placed in the pot before placing them there. Afterwards, cut a large number of pegs or branches that will function as the horizontal rungs of your ladder trellis structure. Place one rung for every 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) of vertical stakes, or about every 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm). It will be necessary for the horizontal stakes to protrude 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm) beyond the vertical stakes in order to be able to easily attach them.

All horizontal parts should be secured with a tiny nail. If driving a nail through each rung proves to be too tough, just wrap twine around each rung and knot it firmly. Wrap the garden twine around the stake in an X pattern for further security.

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indoor potted plant trellis

In the last step, put your plant into the pot and teach it to climb up the ladder trellis in a manner similar to that described above in the tee pee section.

Trellises Made of Wire

If you don’t want to bother with building anything from scratch, there are a variety of powder-coated wire trellises that may be easily placed into your planters. They are available in a variety of forms, including rectangles, circles, and others.

Alternatively, you may use your creativity to design a different kind of trellis for potted plants! The options are almost limitless.

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