How to Make DIY Plastic Bottle Irrigation System

DIY Plastic Bottle Irrigation – It’s critical to stay hydrated throughout the hot summer months, both for ourselves and for our plants as well. Our bodies perspire in the heat and light to keep us cool, and plants also transpire in the noon sun to keep themselves cool. In the same way that we depend on our water bottles to keep us hydrated throughout the day, plants may benefit from a delayed release watering system.

As an alternative to purchasing a costly irrigation system, you may make a plastic bottle irrigation out of some old water bottles that you already have on hand. Continue reading to find out how to create a soda bottle drip feeder for your garden!

DIY Plastic Bottle Irrigation

Homemade Slow-release Watering for Plants

Slow-release watering applied directly to the root zone of a plant aids in the development of deep, robust roots while restoring the moisture lost by evaporation from aerial plant tissues. It may also help to prevent the transmission of many illnesses that are transferred by splashes of water. Gardeners who have a creative side are always coming up with new ways to make their own watering systems.

The principle is the same regardless of whether the structure is constructed from PVC pipes, a five-gallon bucket, milk jugs, or soda bottles. From some form of water reservoir, water is gently supplied to the roots of the plant via a number of microscopic holes in the soil.

How to make DIY Plastic Bottle Irrigation

With the use of soda bottle irrigation, it is possible to reuse all of your old soda or other beverage bottles, which frees up room in your recycling bin. BPA-free bottles should be used for plants that eat, like vegetables and herbs, when making a garden irrigation system out of soda bottles.

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Any bottle may be used as a decorative container. Always completely wash out the bottles before using them, since the sugars in soda and other drinks might attract pests to your plants that you don’t want.

Making a DIY Plastic Bottle Irrigation

Making your own Plastic Bottle Irrigation system

Creating a plastic bottle irrigation is a very straightforward DIY. All you need is a plastic bottle, something to punch tiny holes in it (such as a nail, ice pick, or small drill), and a sock or nylon to complete the project (optional). You may use a 2-liter drink bottle or a 20-ounce soda bottle for this project. The smaller bottles are better suited for use with potted plants.

Puncture 10-15 tiny holes all over the bottom half of the plastic bottle, making sure to get inside the bottle’s bottom as well. After that, you may stuff the plastic bottle inside a sock or a nylon bag. This prevents dirt and roots from getting into the bottle and clogging up the openings on the bottom of it.

It is then put in your garden or in a container with its neck and lid opening above the soil level, close to a freshly planted plant.

Plastic Bottle Irrigation System

After thoroughly watering the soil surrounding the plant, fill the plastic bottle irrigation with water and set it aside for later. Some individuals believe that using a funnel to fill plastic bottle irrigation is the most convenient method.

When using the soda bottle irrigation, a plastic bottle cap may be utilized to control the amount of water that flows out. The more tightly you screw the cap on, the slower the flow of water out of the holes will be, and vice versa.

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To enhance flow, unscrew the cap halfway or completely to allow more air to pass through. The top also helps to deter mosquitoes from growing in the plastic bottle and prevents dirt from getting into the bottle itself.

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