Dish Garden Planter Ideas: Bring Your Garden to the Next Level

Dish Garden Planter Ideas – Discover ways to create unique planters from inexpensive recycled garden pots and wonderful plants. Create a lush plate garden with only a few plants and a container of stone earth. In this article you will learn how to make succulents for a container garden and how to arrange them.

For example, if you expect to grow your plate garden in a dry, open atmosphere, such as at home or in the office, choose plants that are best suited to this environment. For example, use succulents or tropical plants, but do not confuse them too much. Start with plants that have a similar need for light and water.

Succulent Dish Garden Planter Ideas


Indoor pot mixtures work well for most plants, but cacti and succulents need a more sandy mixture. Dish gardens look better if you hide the soil in a tightly packed container and the plants fill the gaps with accent gravel.

Position your plants in your container, make the necessary holes and let them in. Pour enough dirt into the container to be deep enough for the plants. Fill the container with gravel or ornamental stones and place plant cuttings or container roots on top of the container.


In a bowl garden, line the bottom of a closed, clear container with gravel and cover with a sieve material so that the soil does not settle in the gravel layer.

Inspiring Dish Garden Planter Ideas

To enhance your gift presentation for the garden, attach a small ribbon that duplicates the color of the present container to the plant. Plant the pot by partially filling it with pot medium and transplanting its roots at the top of the pot so that there is room for growth downwards. If the opening in the container is too narrow, you can place the plant in the container with tweezers.

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In a plate garden, a collection of plants and flowers is arranged in a shallow container with a drainage hole. Many people opt for a plate garden that resembles a flower arrangement (Figure 1 in Thriller), with tall plants in the middle, fillers (bushy plants) that fill the voids in the pot, and overflows (migratory plants) that hang on the sides.

How to Make Dish Garden Planter

A pair of succulents or cacti can be planted in a shallow container and decorated with stones or pebbles. You will find vessels in shallow bowls with a hole on the bottom for drainage and a hole that corresponds to the size and depth of your plants. For a flat terracotta pot or bowl, add a cactus or succulent.

Try to play around with plant selection and arrangements for a variety of gardens. I love unique garden ideas, where old objects are brought back to life as unique focal points for plants and trees.

Dish Garden Planter Ideas for Beginner

How to Arrange Dish Garden succulent

There are many different types of plants that can be placed in a plate garden, so it is imperative that you choose plate garden plants that have similar light, water and soil requirements. Plant selection depends on the compatibility of the plants with other plants and their adaptability to the soil conditions and the style of the container. Leaves, tropical succulents and other containers are suitable for plant use.

A plate garden is a kind of container garden that consists of a flat, open bowl or bowl in which several plants are in a container. It is a collection of compatible plants that grow in a small container and change over time. Unlike European gardens, plate gardens do not plant plants on leaves, but in their own pots, where they can be watered regularly.

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If you have an excess of certain plants, use them as planters throughout the season. Mind you, there are only so many plants you can transplant before they fill too many vessels. You can always replace or replace plants if they become too large or too full.

Dish Garden Succulent Planter Ideas

Plants do not want their roots to sit in the water for too long, so it is important that there is enough time for watering. I prefer to water individual plants rather than root bales in the garden. Succulents can be mixed into your garden because they have fatter, meaty leaves that retain moisture, and they need less water to balance what you pour into the water.

Place your succulents in a garden bowl in a sunny location and water them every week as needed. Make sure your garden is never above water and replace overgrown or ailing plants as needed to get the best results. Re-pot plants that have grown in large containers over the years when soil and nutrients are exhausted.

Dish Garden Planter Ideas with Pictures

Keep an eye on the sides of the container to see if you need to place a larger plant in the middle. After one to two years, pot the ripe plants in a larger container. You can plant them in a large container with succulents or jade plants that grow larger than the container allows.

If the plant is in a shallow container, salts and other minerals are formed. Place the plants on the same floor level as in their original container.

Dish Garden Planter Ideas Indoor

In contrast to conventional flowerpots, there is a hole in the bottom of the kitchen garden to hold water so that it does not seep into the drawbacks it contains.

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A selection of potted plants to display various jewels, treasures, garden art, stones and shells. I love to have pots grouped with plants to water and refresh them easily during the growing season. Old metal buckets, many of which were used for garden art and planters.

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